Investor Relations

It is our wish to have the “Investor Relations” section dedicated to shareholders, financial analysts and potential investors, to facilitate access to information on General Shareholder Meetings, financial statements, and to major events related to company operations.



The company’s shares are traded on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) under the symbol “AMAL” .


The trade prices of the shares can be accessed at the following link:



RA 1S23.pdf

zzz2. INTERNATIONAL CAVIAR raport audit 2022 - cf. ISA 700.pdf

RC convocare AGA 23.pdf

RA 22.pdf

Note bilant 22.pdf

Bilant 22.pdf

INTERNATIONAL CAVIAR raport audit 2021 - cf. ISA 700.pdf
INTERNATIONAL CAVIAR raport audit 2020 - cf. ISA 700.pdf
INTERNATIONAL CAVIAR raport audit 2019 - cf. ISA 700.pdf
Raport anual 2021.pdf
Convocator AGOA semnat.pdf
Comunicat de presa 10-2021.jpg

RS 2021 AMAL.pdf

RC AGOA 2.pdf

RC CAGOA 2020.pdf

RA 2020.pdf

Bil 2020.pdf

Raport S1 20 AMAL.pdf

Raport curent desfășurare AGOA 2020.pdf

Situații financiare 2019.pdf

Raport anual 2019.pdf

Raport semestrial 2019 .pdf

Raport semestrial 2018.pdf

Raport anual 2018.pdf

Hotarari AGOA 2019.pdf

Convocator AGOA 2020.pdf

Calendar financiar 2020.pdf

Anexe bilant.pdf

Bilant 2017 si Raport audit.pdf

Declaratie de guvernata corporatista.pdf

Raportul anual al CA la data de 31.12.2017.pdf

Anexe AGOA 26.04.2018.pdf

Convocator agoa bilant.docx

Factura BVB .pdf

Formular de vot prin corespondenta.docx

Hotararea CA 20.03.2018.pdf


Hotararea CA 20.03.2018.pdf

Raport de audit 31.12.2017.pdf

Raportul anual al CA la data de 31.12.2017.pdf


Bilant_ICC_SA_ 31_12_2016.pdf

Raport_audit_ la_31_12_2016.pdf

Note explicative .pdf

Raportul Anual al CA la 31 dec 2016.pdf

procura AGA 26,27.04.2017.DE,MODIF.pdf

Act Constitutiv ICC SA.pdf

Bilant ICC SA 31.12.2016 _1.pdf

CV Consiliu de Administratie .pdf

Note exp,decl pers,rap audit_1.pdf

Raport anual,Declaratie de guv corp 2016 _1.pdf

Regulament intern al SC ICC SA .pdf

Formular revocare -2_1

Formular subscriere -2

Hotararea consiliului privind subscrierile

Bilant la 30.06.2017 scn _1.pdf

Raport sem 30.06.2017 ICC SA_1.pdf

Situatii financiare la 31.12.2017.pdf

Raport sem 1 19 AMAL.pdf



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